John Macko - Bass


John Started playing bass at the age of 14 jamming in garage bands and parties in Thousand Oaks California and listening to music non-stop. Early musical influences included main stays of that time period such as The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Santana and ZZ Top. Johns musical interests soon turned to overseas progressive rock bands such as Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, UK and also some Italian bands such as Le Orme, Banco and PFM. Other influences included jazz-rock legends such as Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report.

John Joined his first full time working road band in 1980 playing rock covers and gigging in clubs all over the western US including Alaska and Hawaii until joining Seattle based singer Carmel Waters featuring Chuck Ruff (Edgar Winter/Sammy Hagar) on drums. Joining the group got John to make the move to Seattle which became his permanent home for the next 18 years. John played in various local Seattle cover bands to make ends meet which then lead to an audtion and hooking up with Fifth Angel. After the breakup of Fifth Angel John engaged in a few original projects in the Seattle area and soon became discouraged with the music scene and pursued a non musical career. John moved to Florida in 2001 where after almost 18 years of a hiatus John took up a renewed interest in music and song writing which coincided with his Fifth Angel band mates and a decision was made to reunite.